It’s gone! Exit the caravan.

Could not believe it last saturday evening when I entered the workshop.
I know to be probably the only soul on earth who cares but i am going to repeat the title anyway: It's gone, the caravan has been removed finally.(may be read this post first: Get on with it)
To be quite honest i feared that it would not leave until next spring, but away it has disappeared.

Can't provide photographic evidence since my lovely daughter went off to Brussels for the next two weeks taking my camera with her. She'll tell me to stop moaning about it and maybe advice me go get another camera if it's that important; Kids, they are so sweet.

Time to contact the woodshop. Need five 4 mm and one 16 mm marine grade sheet of plywood. . . Hm will have to plan this with a weather report handy. The sheets will have to go on the car roofrack, no good when it rains. . . rent a van?

In the mean while i'll just enjoy the echoïsch sound sound the room has now it is empty, maybe dance a bit now there is room.

Note I: I don't particulary dislike or like caravans, the object whatever was in my way.
Note II: the image above is a QR barcode referring to this post. Thanks Terry Burton for this great online barcode generator.