Tilting backwards

There is something very un-kosher about the water level in the picture that's starring on top of this blog.
So I leveled it to see how it looks.
Mmm, the boom should be level with the deck. The slight bent in the mast would explain that a bit, as does the kicker in action, but not completely I am afraid.
The mastfoot in the hull is probably tilted just a little to much.

Getting that mastfoot good en well mounted in the assembly in my new boat is going to be a tricky operation. Time to digg in the building plan and find out about the mastrake.
Winter and (nearly)freezing temperatures in the workshop. An ideal time to do some research behind the stove at home.

Update 14 march:
Interesting discussion going on at Google groups Minisail regarding this issue.
Pitty it's not over here. Well on the other hand. . . this blog should be about building a boat and no building is going on so far, so that's fine.
73 days to go!