Deck stringers and mast socket support pads

By now the front deck stringers are there. All but one, I decided to be a rebel and have the front deck supported with three instead of four stringers (280 g less !?).
The lower and upper "mast socket support pads"(items 30 and 31 in the Minisail exploded diagrams key) have been made. The making was the easy part – two pieces of plywood with a +70mm hole.

Fiddling out their exact size was more of a challenge. The size of these will determine the mast rake.
Thanks to a discussion on Minisail Google groups i found out that the rake of my wooden Mini was rather generous so I reduced it a little. How much? I couldn't say. Just compared the angle of incline of the mast to the rear part of the front deck of my reference boat and gave my new one a little less, not much. Not happy with this decision but it will have to do for now.

The mast support deck pad (item 36 – the funny teardrop on the deck) was not really a priority but I made one, a Joni Mitchell Special on the radio got me in a real good mood to do that.

Bulkhead 3 middle strap (item), third bulkhead (item 4) an fourth bulkhead (item 6) have been made.
Pictures of these next time.

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