36 Kg for now

All parts that belong under the hood are made and ready to be glued in place. A bit like an Airfix Model waiting to be completed.
What am I waiting for? Must become boring to read but as usual it’s to cold in the workshop to work with the Epoxy sticky stuff.
But the jigsaw works well at 6°C so it was time to cut and dry fit the front hull deck-sheet. Look it fits like a glove, and very little force is needed to make the sheet meet up with the rubrail.

I came along a spring feather scale and so had the opportunity to weigh the thing: 36 Kg! That’s good.
My estimate is that I will need about 3 to 4 Kg Epoxy to finish it, probably 2 Kg of Polyester paint, and the odd 1 Kg of “had forgotten about these” (like the aluminum wing supports, the toe strap butts, some glass fiber reinforcement left and right, a 300ml of Polyurethane compound and so on.
All in all it looks like it’s going to weigh more or less the 45 Kg it is supposed to weigh.

Making the ‘small bits’ was all about figuring out of how to get the mast rake good. I did it graphically with the help of some combined photo’s and the comments of Rupert and Peter in this thread on Minisail Google groups.
A 4° mastrake aft(toward the waterline) would be good to aim for, that’s what I did. And let’s cross fingers I got that right because else the racer will fail.
Pretty confident I got it right though.