Oh that’s large!

A set of pictures to show some progress.

The rough and rewarding steps are done(banging the hull in shape), I am in the less heroic phase of sanding and re-sanding and fiddling with details. Some of these need to be re-done, this boat is a one off and a first Minisail after all.

The mastfoot is in place finally, a break-through in the build. From now on I only need to finnish the front with no further pondering.

But to my surprise a beercan would happily slide into the tube I made (where as they would nicely stay in place on my other Minisails). it’s 67mm inside diameter, what was I thinking when I made it, was I thinking at all?
The only explanation can be that at the start of the build I had the plan to have the mastfoot measured to take a Lazer mast. Later on I abandoned that idea but I clearly forgot the mast-tube was already made.
A sleeve to compensate the oversize will have to be made.