Details, details

This detail has kept me busy for an afternoon. The outwale strip(that’s the wooden strip where the clamps are on) is beveled to a degree to take the front deck nicely but not the aft deck.
The following three images illustrate the solution I was after; gluing a tiny beveled strip on top of the rear outwales.

After the epoxy had set I took away the clamps and nails and things were much better, all though you couldn’t tell the difference by just looking at it.

Not to be found in the original build instructions are the back-up blocks I glued to the center transom to receive a jam cleat and/or an eyelet. The horizontal blocks are half lap joined to the center transom. Later more about why these need to be there.

Here a view on how the inside of the transom looks by now.
The lump of wood in the center is assembled by gluing together three precise cuts of sheet. A well equipped joiner would make this item in a jiffy with a band saw but I haven’t got one so I made it with patience and a jigsaw. . . But look it’s there and fits well.

The mastfoot has received a vertical member to take the strain of the eyelet that is going to hold the kicker.

The dagger board slot is cut! Gosh I need a new jigsaw, my old Bosch bytes the wood well but the saw stroke he made is “special”

It took me several shops to find but one of them had 6mm x 80mm stainless wood screws. 7 Euro for 6 of these; I can serve a meal for 4 people (over here) for that money.
Probably shouldn’t be thinking that way when building a boat.