Forgot about these

Had it all lined up to glue the front deck sheet on:

  • Plenty of clamps and glue handy
  • 160 Kg sand in bags waiting aside
  • deck stringers shaved and sanded
  • deck sheet soaked in epoxy and sanded
  • nasty screws sticking out cut off
  • everything dusted and cleaned

But then where would the screws for the toe-strap-plates bite into, and why are the front bulk heads still not attached to the side panels? OK, forgot about these.

Making and fitting these items is one thing, the process of gluing them is another.
So I decided to prepare some more small parts and do the gluing in one time.
The backing blocks for the wings and sliding seat needed to be made and the transom needed to be finished: The excess rub rail and side panel at the rear were cut off and drain holes were made.
After all that done I finally glued the lot.

In between the old sliding seat has been entirely taken apart and re-assembled . . . And much of the original rudder has been restored as well. Should remember to take some pictures of these, up to now I haven't.