Fitting the daggerboard case – Hull warp

This will be the third time I mount a daggerboad case in a new boat.
The two previous ones were fine but leaked badly at the launch and needed aftercare. Embarrassing but easy to solve since the assemblies were well accessible.
The Sprite however will not allow me to correct a leaky daggerboad case assembly since the whole will be closed up in a sealed enclosure.

Decided to take a plunge into high tech rubbery glue. The black fillet you see is is a compound called Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP). I have no idea what it stands for, but my ever helpfull supplier of sticky stuff seemed to know exactly what I was looking for and send me off with a tube of MSR Construction Adhesive.
The technical sheet hardly reveals what MSR stands for but I fear the M stands for "marine" what doubles the price for some reason.
With blind faith I glued the daggerboard case with SMP and it doesn't leak!
Poured 8 buckets of water (80 liters) into the hull and not a drop. Getting the water out again was a different project :awww:

It's questionable if a new built wooden boat warps as much as a 40 year old polyester one but following images made me think: See how the hull of my Monaco warps.

It must be better to glue the daggerboard case with a permanent flexible compound. The shallow scow fitted with wings or a seat must flex and my feeling is that epoxy-hard as glass- just will crack up, not overall making the bond fail but enough to let water in.

Next will be gluing the rear stringers, must remember to take the camera (not that it will be such an event).