Forgot about these, part II

Ever sailed or raced at sea? I did, not a lot, but enough to get aware of how dependent you are on the gear you are sailing with.
The original wooden Sprite design doesn't mention extra flotation, it being wooden seemed to be enough in these days.
Just to make sure I have something to get hold of in case the boat gets holed I decided to make bouancy bags (another set to be incorporated between bulkhead 3 and 4 later on) with PET bottles. They weigh nothing and are perfect care free air containers. To prevent them from banging around I bound them together in a nylon webbing and added a PVC strip hatched barrier to prevent the bags moving forward or back.
The idea is fine but it sure doesn't look pretty, it is a pile of rubbish in the hull litterally.
Let's hope this wasn't a wrong step and the 15 2-liter bottles stay where they belong.
This was the last item to ad (and forgot about) to finish the front deck. By the time of writing the top sheet is glued on (!).