Front deck sheet glued on

Using weight and clamps and not forgetting to support the hull in the middle to prevent it from collapsing, the front deck sheet was glued on.
For the inner members -stringers, bulkhead and various support blocks- thickened epoxy was used (330g), the outer members -rubrails, center bulkhead and nose piece- the rubbery compound (Silyl Modified Polymer)was applied (250g).
this without using one fastener. It looks clean, let's see if it holds. If the skin starts peeling off the hull I'll fit a new one using plenty of copper nails (or forget about it and get me a ready made properly built boat).

Next day I cleaned the excess wood with the belt grinder and felt I really made some progress. Yet a little review of my to-do list soon made me realize there are quite some of these progress moments ahead.