Nearly done (Part I)

This item will need to be ready to sail next week for the Minisail Nationals.
My blacksmith seems to be on holiday so I'll forget about the stainless parts I need for mounting the seat, a shame but it will have to be without the seat.
Same for the refurbished rudder: The hardware is not there so I'll mount the one I have from my 40+ Sprite.
So "Nearly done (Part I)" will have a second or even a third sequel.
The progress in pictures below
Fairing the rubrail with the deck sheets was a joy to do, but -again- I underestimated the time that it would take.
Once it was faired and shaped I could apply a layer of impregnating (thin) epoxy to he sides.
Now the entire surface was smiling at me I gave it a light sanding and a second coat of polyester varnish. Nice!

Next the hull was tuned over and the rubrail was sanded flush with the outwale, followed by yet another session of impregnating.
This was a good time to finally make the recessed bed the rear gudgeon plate needs to be mounted in. Making a one off router jig with gaffer tape and bits of wood is always a bit of a gamble, a router is a very unforgiving tool, but if it works the job is so rewarding. And it was.
(This should have been done a lot earlier but my timing with my blacksmith was no good. I wanted to taylor the recessed slot to the gudgeon plates he would make but by now I still haven't got them and now I'll just mount some used ones I have lying round.)

Gluing the teardrop shaped mastfoot block, the four toestrap blocks and the rear rudder block was a delicate job with all the fresh varnish surrounding.

Next will be adding the 9 to my 000 sail, replacing all the candy coloured strings of my rig with a plain black one and install the footstraps. Ah easy time…