9000 for the first time in home water

This post is about nothing much really, it’s presenting some pictures of MS 9000 in the water, now she’s still a new boat.

Sailing today wasn’t ideal.
At the club there was a happening going on with all the kids (and their family) that were at summer class the last four weeks, that’s fine but a bit to crowded for me, plus there was hardly any wind.
When the wind picked up I went out just to discover the lake was filled with hairy weed. The boat went out of control, the dagger and rudder blade needed to be un-weeded every 500 meters.
I called it a day soon, came back in and had a nice chat with our retired Club bar tender (our notorious Francis) who I hadn’t seen for a long time.

A lot of people were there and I noticed the boat was admired by many. Some who suspected it would be mine asked me about it. Explaining a Belgian audience about a lost Brittish class is not the easiest thing to do, once you drop the word Minisail many eyebrows start moving up and down, but still they liked it and listened to the story.
What strikes me is that any simple wooden dinghy catches the eye of even the youngest sailor – even though they don’t know anything else but plastic used for building boats.
One family asked me where they could buy these…
There is hope I guess.