A trailer for the Minisails (Part I)

Because I keep the new wooden boat inside I am going to need a tiny trailer for it so it’s ready to tow and go all the time.
Welding a frame isn’t that much of a challenge but the cost of all individual new trailer parts adds up, where there are lots of secondhand ones available at a fraction of the cost.
So here is what I bought: A lovely French Lama 240:
Paid 140 Euro for it and it’s – apart from some missing and faded paint – in perfect condition.
It wasn’t by coincidence I came home with a Lama, I wanted exactly one of these because of it’s suspension units. The wheels are independently sprung in a cantilevered fork with rubber suspension rings.
d04ce-lama-240-suspention_thumb 9ca62-anneau-de-suspension_thumb

The number of rings is in relation to the permitted load. The Lama I have can load 240kg and has 5 rings.
Adapting the trailer to the mini load that a Minisail is couldn’t be easier: Take away some rings and voila I’ll have a trailer that will smoothly ride my light hull.

Apart from the smart suspension units, the Lama goes very well with a Minisail; It’s a seventies design.
366d8-portaflot1_thumb 6f701-portaflot2_thumb

The Suspension units were made by a manufacturer called “Neimann”. They were also used on Portafloat trailers. An old advert found on deriveurspetigars:

The trailers are made to be stripped down in a few minutes.

Up to me to turn this little gem into a sweet Minisail trailer … and keep it’s function as all round trailer.
To be continued!