A trailer for the Minisails (Part II)

Old trailer

Old trailer for light dingy

The old worn out trailer in my workshop I used for years to park hulls on (and maneuver around when needed) will have to go. I can stack boats up to a point but not trailers. I’ll use it’s trailing boom and bolt it to my Lama trailer frame. Took some pictures just before I disassembled it. Don’t know exactly why but I was always charmed by it’s symplicity and somehow it looks well designed. It’s dating from a period where steel was cheap, the item is heavy. The wall thickness of the boom is 5mm and you can happily stand on the fenders, neither the supports or the fenders will be impressed. Might pull the hubs off this winter and see if it’s possible to fit a new set of bearing-hub-wheel-tyres. After all it’s a fun oldtimer that’s only missing a fresh set of nuts and bolts. Greetings, Ronny IMG_5831 IMG_5829 IMG_5833 IMG_5838 IMG_5850