New sail: 2287

Early December last year a new sail was ordered at Morgan sails. White, window, foot 70mm shorter as standard. Last week the parcel was delivered.
The Meson hull came with no number so 2287 from a wrecked Minisail I once had would be fine.
The reason why the foot needed to be 70 mm shorter as standard is that I have a pristine (but 70 mm short) Minisail Sprint boom to go with it. That’s fine for me, some less power and more control is a gain.
The sail looks fine (apart from the single tack grommet looking flimsy) but not as refined in detail as my previous R&J sail.
Yet, the wedged window shape is a refinement, as is the shape of the lower part of the sail now much more elegant as before (Sail 2427).
Let’s wait and see about possible modifications once I have rigged and sailed it.

Below a picture of the original wooden Sprite (at Bough Beech) rigged with the a well shortened sail that once belonged to Minisail 2287. That sail was made for the kids to play with a Monaco during holidays at the French Mediterranean coast in the 8ties.

It is battened and was made by the Belgian Saimaker Wittewrongel