Preparing for 2017

Update september 2019: most links below don’t work anymore. I haven’t changed them anyway.

Some highlights at the 2017 agenda:

  • La Semaine Du Golfe with Berta: 20 to 28 May
  • Minisail Nationals at Roadford: 15-16 July (not confirmed)
  • Minisail Europeans (de gouden neut)at Wormer Netherlands: weekend of 18 June
  • Minisail gathering at Keyhaven: September (to be explored and confirmed)

Attending the bi-annual event La Semaine du golfe de Mor Bihan in France will be a first for me. On the 5 day raid with a “14 foot sail and row” called Bertha, my old time friend Frans from Holland (a genuine sailor) will join me.

From the U.K. John B. a good Minisail racer will be there with either his Redwing or in a French  wooden dinghy called Arouet . That will be a great encounter.

Let’s see after our first “the Semaine Du Golfe” is a potential Minisail  event in the making.
For this first edition we’ll see how that goes in boats where one sits in opposed to sit on.

To be continued without a doubt.