Back from La Semaine Du Golfe

Never seen that many classic wooden dinghies at the time. And along with these come the fine lot of folk that sail, built and or own them.
A great boating festival and a joy it was to have been there.

The sailing/rowing was intense, 8 to 10 hours a day.

Some pictures here to discribe the ambiance.

And a short movie where Bertha was filmed during her pass at “Le Gois de Berder”


Translated excerpt from the Ouest France newspaper article:

The 150 boats of the sail & row flotilla crossed, on Wednesday, May 24, 2017, the passage of Berder in Larmor-Baden, for a crowd enjoying the show.

The rendezvous was given at 5:00 pm, but by 16:30, most of the small ships that formed the flotilla 2, rowin & sail pulled peacefully along the edges at the entrance of the pass.

Even though the rising tide was coming to an end, the current was still strong. These small boats inspired by traditional boats of 3 to 5 meters, moving along by sail or oar, do not weigh heavily against the strength of the ocean.

The signal is given, the first ships move slowly. At their head, one of the emblematic boats of this flotilla 2017, a black Drakkar goes up in current on oars only.

The exclusivity this year was to return the flotilla in the opposite direction, at the time of the stall, an hour later. The sailors did not wait very long to force the passage. After several unsuccessful attempts, a few boats pass, men rowing like mad. This creates an emulation, the oththers assault the current; With force or with patience, the whole flotilla took up this challenge, before rallying the port of Locmariaquer.


Some more images below, courtesy my crew F.Stoop: