La semaine du golfe 2019 -Part 1

In May 2017 we participated in the French bi-annual Semaine du Golfe event (article here)
And we are going back: We’ll bet at the 2019 edition.
As newbies in 2017 we did some learning; Being at and sailing the edition 2019 will be even better.
We learnt about ourselves, our boat, the golfe du Morbihan and the way things are done by the organizers.

Being boat minded we started first seaching for another more powerfull and spacious boat. The nimble 14 foot&row Bertha did all right but was just a bit too small to sail two -very- adult men along during days on the Golfe. We lacked in space (comfort in a way) and speed.

And a more powerfull spacious craft we found. Keeping within the spirit of the LaSemaine event (classic sailing boats) we bought a wooden sailing scow. A genuine old Dutch 14 foot small workboat built in Wormer: een zeilschouw.

Getting it afloat safely and properly will require some time, wood and paint/varnish, but nothing we couldn’t manage.

Not identical but similar sailing scows to be seen here in this video . The main difference is these are somehow sprit rigged and our boat is a clear gaff-rig one.
Cannot wait to get in Holland and try her out. As usual to be continued.