Beschuitstoren regatta 2019 (Wormer)

On Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June 2019 the host of the event Watersportvereniging Wormer (Holland) welcomed us to join in as participants of the annual open club race called the “Beschuitstoren regatta”.
“Us” are the usual pair of Belgians invading the club with Minisails, this year however “us” somehow managed to have no Minisail on the water at all (We had a good reason, as the local Minisailors had and promised each other to do better next year).

The zeilschouw went back to Holland and we sailed her there.
On Saturday the conditions were Mediterranean sunny and calm so we cruised along the lake enjoying the scenery as only one can do in a boat built in and for the region.
We moored next to the club terrace where the barbecue went on till dark.
That evening I was getting convinced and ready to go out on a Minisail for Sunday (Plenty of them there to choose from).

Sunday morning the wind had picked up to force 4-5 so I decided to sail the zeilschouw, as did my mates.
We tacked our way up to the cafe/restaurant “De Hofjes” where the briefing was.
Dean was hired as crew in a lovely wooden 20 feet over-canvassed “?” and had a good time during the races.
Frans and me joined in for fun and held our amount of adrenaline flowing low sailing gently along.

The “Beschuitstoren regatta” is a lovely event, welcoming and well organized by many volunteers giving it all to make it happen.
It was a pleasure to be there.