Une journée à la Française

Look: A Citroën towing a Lama trailer with a Tabut 320 on it. A very French day it was. More so that day an X4 and a Lanavere 470 came in to join the party.

Whilst stacking and restacking hulls there is always one that comes last on top: the featherlight yellow plastic one, a Tabur 320.
The first 320 I bought was for my son who wanted to take up sailing, but eventually he didn’t, so I sold it. . . and I got me another one very soon after.
It served well as a permanent loan to a friend in Holland and came back home eventually.
Now several years later I thought it was time to part with it.
So I rigged it up to make some pictures on the water for the sale. And thought it might be good to sail it just to make sure it’s complete, safe and sound.
Darn, this is a fun little bugger. It’s light, it’s rigged and set up in no time, takes bumps and scratches with a smile and sails comfortably without being boring.

This one has scars all over and is repaired and re-fitted out to full reliability, better as she was when leaving the facory. Still no, I have no use for it now but will keep it anyway, it’s a good design and I love having one handy.