MS 206

Early may 2022 another dishdecked Sprite surfaced.
A friend and vigilant MS fan, Robert, found on E-Bay the MS Sprite and posted the ad on our trusted Google groups Minisail page.
Shortly after the current owner (Matt-W-s) posted the ad on Fb ; Titled Please see this listing for my late father’s mini sail.

Let me go slightly off-topic for a moment.
My father passed away recently also. Me and my sister are now looking at an inventory that’s virtually worthless. His books, his kitchen (he was a cook), the old car, the pré-war furniture, name it, it’s there.
The value of things is only contextual.

As is the value of this wooden Sprite 206.
It’s listed at £26. I guess if it was MS 209 it might have been £29. The minimum threshold value.

But look it’s all there: Hull, mast, boom, sail, rudder, daggerboard.
No sign of ropes and pulleys, but every dingy owner has a box of spares (or two) of these laying around.

Looking at the pictures the restoration could (and might) result in a near complete rebuilt with little of the original wood remaining, but it’s all there. And really it’s not difficult to replicate and/or put together the parts.
Bill of materials for this project, count roughly €1.000 to €1.500 to remake this boat as new (epoxy, varnish & paint, wood, new sail, hardware & strings, tarp etc…).
Depending your likes it could be a workout tool or a showroom boat, no matter, the award for saving this item and taking it out on the water will be a thing for you to cherish and is your very own boat (with history).

If I hadn’t two of these already I would be on the road to get it.
To the one considering reviving MS206: I’ll make you a sliding seat for free.