These pages are about the Ian Proctor Minisail.
It started as a blog at My Opera.com about the building of one (a wooden Sprite M.S.). Now it’s here at WordPress.com.
The Minisail Sprite is finished but the blog is still here.

    • Eight years ago I was given a Minisail. With a broken mast-foot and years of neglect spending in the back of a garden it was in need of major repair. Did so and have sailed it until it was too tired, in summer 2014 it was dismantled.

Minisail Monaco II

    • In September 2011 a Wooden dished decked Minisail was for sale on Ebay. I won the auction, went over to Bristol to pick her up and came home with a perfectly maintained 50-year-old wooden boat.

Minisail Sprite

    • In 2013 the new wooden Sprite was launched


    • This year, 2014, I acquired a GRP M.S. Monaco sailnumber 2427

Minisail 2427 with sliding seat -7

    Hull 2427 didn’t last very long and was replaced by another GRP Monaco (hull nr 949). This one is now in Holland.

Minisai 949 in Oostende, juni2015

    Autumn 2015 I was given an all wooden Meson. Now restored in it’s former glory. Hullnumber unknown, sailnumber 2287.

A Minisail is a 13 foot (about) dinghy. All you want to know about it and probably more is to be found in The Minisail Class Association website.