Hanging on the garage wall.

A rare garage-find this Sprite. It’s the third one I know of since more than 10 years.
The E-bay listing titled “Original wooden hulled minisail. 13ft 6ins long. Hardly used.” comments:
Original version of wooden hulled minisail (complete with mast etc.). 13ft 6ins long. Has spent most of its life hanging on garage wall unused. Photos taken in about 1966! Difficult to photograph hanging on the garage wall.
Makes me wonder how many more garages in the U.K. have one hanging in the ceiling!

Interesting photograps: It’s sail reefed, the way to mount oars, the steep mast rake angle.
Two oars? There must be a system/way to attach the rowlocks we can’t see there. Still a pair of holes in the gunwales might do, I love it.

Here is why: Ever tried to sail out of a narrow (maybe moored yacht infested) channel in any Minisail? I did many times and have the oars please, if not these aren’t the most sexy apparatus on a racing dingy,  they are cool and very smart.



All is well

Minisail and Merlin Rocket 2482
Not really on a global scale but it’s well in my boating micro-environment, indeed a bit of a nuisance for this blog: not much to report about.
Meson 2287 is now water tight, the centerboard slot gasket is a fine addition, and she goes like the clappers once the wind picks up. Mind she’s a handful to keep upright in shifty conditions. In 4+Bf she sails best with the centerboard half-way down and that’s not a lot to dampen any heel. Add to that the light weight (hardly no inertia moment at all) and the plank acrobatics.
Picture following: Nice run upwind riding the plank 1/2 extended. A wind shift forces to let go the main and slide in gently and rapidly both together. By the time you recover balance the following shift kicks in and blows you over. That had me swimming a few times.
This part of the learning curve now mastered (well a bit) I am confident the little witch has some more tricks to throw me off I need to find out about.

Let’s hope for a not too cold winter so I can get her out plenty before the next season begins.
Some weeks ago the Merlin Rocket 2482 and Minisail 9000 were out together on the pond. With hardly any wind we at least had the time to take a picture.
(MS 9000 had the plank removed for that day and somehow didn’t carry the right sail.)