26 October 2014: lovely sailing conditions

Minisail 2427 with sliding seat -7
Took the blue Monaco 2427 out for a sail this afternoon. With 3 to 4 Bft wind, water temperature 16°C, air 17°C. Me in a dry suit and all was perfect so we were good to go.
I am starting to get the hang of sailing the Monaco with a sliding seat and it’s so much more comfortable compared to having to hike out in the footstraps. Finally I can enjoy sailing upwind whilst keeping the boat level without the well filling up.
Flipping it over to a different course elegantly is a different matter, but I am sure this will improve. Eventually.

2427 with a seat

Minisail 2427 with sliding seat -8
Last June, at Whitefriars David A. handed me a sliding seat for a Monaco that “quote: Was gathering dust anyway”.
Compared to the sliding seat I use on the Sprite this one is a featherweight and carefully engineered. My intention is to measure it (publish plans here) and to build a replica.
But it needed to be fitted and sailed with at least once. A sunny day with hardly any wind were the perfect conditions for such a test ride. (Looks like the wind knows I’ll be there with a new plank, remember the first time fitting the plank on the Sprite)
It’s a comfortable plank that slides without having to grab the strap, it moves along with the movement of the body.
And I noticed the plank was a welcome thing to sit on opposed to staying on the knees in the middle of the boat during windless weather.
Minisail 2427 with sliding seat -5

Minisail 2427 with sliding seat -4

Minisail 2427 with sliding seat -3

Minisail 2427 with sliding seat -2

Minisail 2427 with sliding seat

Minisail 2427 with sliding seat -6

Minisail 2427 with sliding seat -7

2427 ready for salty water

Minisail 2427 in Ostend The hectic times at work during the last months were the main reason why I hadn’t picked up Minisail 2427. But it’s home now (thank you Rupert and Dean). Took it out for a sail this afternoon. Wind 3 to 4 shifting madly at times. Going downwind with the wind indicator spinning 360 turns felt adventurous but it went fine (except for that first gibe where I managed to hook the main under the rear corner of the hull). I forgot how much easier tacking is in a Monaco compared to the flush decked Sprite. The sail is good, I chased a high pointing Europe-dingy and the Minisail could keep up with it, she chased me as well and was better on broad reaches. I think that was because I was quite static in the boat because of the slippery side decks. It’s a nice Monaco and will be perfect after fitting some non-skid padding on the side decks, have made the mast-head waterproof (mast rapidly fills up at capsize, making it harder to recover), and have found and mended the spots where water comes in: After a few hours of sailing several litres came out the hull, I suspect it’s the mastfoot. Minisail 2427