La semaine du golfe 2019 -Part 1


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In May 2017 we participated in the French bi-annual Semaine du Golfe event (article here) And we are going back: We’ll bet at the 2019 edition. As newbies in 2017 we did some learning; Being at and sailing the edition … Continue reading

Varnished !

The hull is now varnished. Not to factory standards by far, but waterproof and fine for me.
One coat of Poyester is more than glossy for the time being and to find out if this boat is good for sailing and racing.
Only the fittings need to be re-installed and the inner-edges to be filled and she’ll be ready.
Next post will be about how it is on the water!

Not spotless

varnish repellant Minisail Meson deckRemoved all the fittings and gave the deck it’s last layer of epoxy.
Weirdly the “varnish” doesn’t seem to cover the surface uniformly. The new wood is fine but in the areas of the old wood where nails were hammered the varnish seems to be repelled.
I’ll now gently sand the hull once more and will apply the UV-proof polyester varnish just after cleaning it with some white spirit. Let’s hope for a better result.
Minisail Meson deck

Restoring a Meson Part V 1/?

Fitting the hardware seems to go in three stages:
Finding out what needs to go where (and what it needs to do).
Sourcing for the parts starting in the own boxes and bags of goodies, and ultimately go shopping.
Finally fastening them, usually to find out that you will need to stop because you are out of stainless screws.
As you see most of the tinkering and experimenting is done, I expect to have the Meson on the water soon.
Now still waiting for a Laser rudderstock I have ordered, that will probably need a different blade than the one I had made for the wooden MS stock, and will have to get a supply of black prestressed string to replace the array of bright coloured ones.