Rudder headstock for the Meson

Remember I wasn’t that happy with the new wooden rudder assembly I made?
I decided to buy a new aftermarket Laser ruder headstock and look here is how it looks like on the transom of the Meson.


Some will feel it’s blasphemy. Me, I think if Minisail transoms would measure the 100mm height required, most of them would by now have swapped the floppy wooden one for a Laser stock. Sadly the Meson is the only Minisail variant that has a transom +100mm high, so the Laser rudderstock is not an option for the majority of Minisails.

The rudder blade for the wooden stock fitted just fine into the new one after re-drilling the centerhole.
Am I happy with this item? Not yet, it needs some getting use to I guess. Let’s try it on the water first.

Restoring a Meson Part V 1/?

Fitting the hardware seems to go in three stages:
Finding out what needs to go where (and what it needs to do).
Sourcing for the parts starting in the own boxes and bags of goodies, and ultimately go shopping.
Finally fastening them, usually to find out that you will need to stop because you are out of stainless screws.
As you see most of the tinkering and experimenting is done, I expect to have the Meson on the water soon.
Now still waiting for a Laser rudderstock I have ordered, that will probably need a different blade than the one I had made for the wooden MS stock, and will have to get a supply of black prestressed string to replace the array of bright coloured ones.

Restoring a Meson Part IV 2/2

Minisail Meson centerboard
The centerboard king pin was installed.
I have chosen for a permanent waterproof yet not serviceable installation. With this option I will be certain the king pin will 1)always be there and 2) it’s mounting will never be the cause of water getting into the hull.
Screwing in two PE retaining plates was a bit of a challenge with the only 20 cm holes giving acces to the inners. A mini cordless hand drill screw driver came in really handy.
The lathe piece was made by a friend, some parts just need to be created I guess.