Keyhaven Kruise 2015

Some pictures from the Minisail Keyhaven Kruise 2015:

Minisail-Keyhaven Kruise 2015-IMG_6267

Traffic Friday afternoon was slow but steady and after a 4 hour drive from Dover Dean Frans and me arrived at Keyhaven and met with the regulars and some new people.
Seven Minisails and one Gull were gathered on the field in front of the clubhouse.
Friday evening David briefed us about the weekend programme, informing us that the favourable tides were a certainty, the weather however was another matter and might change things.
Saturday morning Don McCarthy explained us about waterflow and depths -tidal movement- on the estuary.
Though fine for sailing, there was a fresh breeze; Fresh enough to decide not to creek crawl along the wall from Keyhaven to the spit, through Mount Lake to Hurst Castle.
We wouldn’t have crawled along the wall but probably be blasted along or into it.
Eventually six Minisails left the harbour. Frans was the first one out on the lake, then returned to check where the others were, and whilst sailing out for a second time the mastfoot of the blue Monaco gave way giving him no other option but drift slowly towards the harbour wall.
Stuart steered his red Monaco clear through the lane of moored boats but got stuck in the mud half way the trip to the castle. David sailing his Sprint stayed close and talked him out of there, he must be a talented lecturer!
Three lucky ones Tom, Dean and me beached near the castle. Where we found out the journey is more important than the destination (Three men really need a table, some chairs and a drink; the deserted stoney beach made us soon set off again…starting with a good swim excercise for me).
On the way back to lunch Tom spotted our hosts racing and joined in.
After lunch Dean and me set out again.
With most of my energy spend on unhooking my main sheet from a moored motorboat cleat, the after-lunch sail was a short one.

Have to mention the excellent work Dean, Paul and David did helping us getting away from the shallow launching, finnishing with a gentle push towards deeper water.

Sunday Tom brought a spare Monaco hull to replace the broken blue one, helas it was to windy to sail. Matter of fact that night the wind (52+ knots) blew a Minisail off a trolly causing some dents and scratches in hulls.

Monday morning the early birds were out in sunny weather with a gentle breeze.

Thank you David and Tom for making it happen and thank you Chris and Sylvia for the generous catering, we had a great time.

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