La semaine du golfe 2019 -Part 3

We went over and had a great time. Weather predictions promiced a “last jugement” kind of circumstances but once arrived there and got sailing it went all right.
This scow showed to like a bit of wind, and good for us really since it was blowing hard during the first days at La Semaine.
A confession to make: We were in the sail&row category (Flotille 2: voile et Aviron), but our boat didn’t seem to be adapted to do both. Once rigged for sailing it was hardly possible to get the oars out to do any serious rowing and vice versa.
Mmm we had a tiny 2-stroke Yamaha Malta handy, not really in the spirit of the fleet we were in but handy anyway.
Enjoy the images and believe me, participating at the “Semaine Du Golfe” is an addicting pleasure.

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